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Skip Hire Sunningdale all you need to know

Skips in Sunningdale Managing Your Waste

Here at Fox & Vixens Ltd, we are serious about responsible waste management in the UK. We want Sunningdale customers to feel confident in the fact that skip hire waste collected from by us is predominantly recycled. Our respectable skip company strives to recycle as much material from skips as possible and boasts a recycling rate of approximately 90%.

We encourage Sunningdale clients to use our cheap skip hire services when they have concerns about managing their waste in environmentally-friendly ways. Rather than driving your waste to a landfill, where it may be dumped and never recycled, use our cost-effective skips to reduce your carbon footprint in one easy step.

What Happens to My Waste?

When Fox & Vixens Ltd collect hired skips from our Sunningdale customers, we transport the skip and waste to our depot in Chertsey. Once at the depot, our dedicated skip company team screens and processes all the materials picked-up during the cheap skip hire service.

This fast and effective screening process results in a high level of waste from skips being successfully managed and recycled. If there is any remaining waste from materials collected during cheap skip hire services, this is taken to a landfill near Sunningdale for destruction.

Successful Recycling from a Reliable Skip Company

We take pride in playing a vital role in reducing our carbon footprint and promoting environmental care in Sunningdale and throughout the Surrey region. We hope to inspire customers to dispose of their waste in an environmentally-friendly way, by using an eco-conscience skip company such as Fox & Vixens Ltd.

By helping us to control the materials going into our skips, Sunningdale customers using skip hire services also aid in the environmental care of our local areas.

For Sunningdale customers interested in a breakdown of what happens to different materials after the cheap skip hire collection service, we have listed some examples below:

  • Green Waste - Green waste such as grass, branches, soil and hedge trimmings can be easily shredded and recycled into compost by a reliable recycling or skip company
  • Wood - Wood collected from skips in Sunningdale is usually shredded and turned into recycled materials such as animal bedding or bio fuel
  • Textiles - When carrying-out cheap skip hire services for domestic customers, we often collect textiles in our skips, such as curtains and carpet. Textiles can sometimes be re-used if of good enough quality and low-graded textiles as efficient fillers.
  • Metals - Any metals found in the skips our skip company collects in Sunningdale is sent to reputable metal yards to be safely melted and made into new items.

For more information about how skip hire in Sunningdale can help you manage your waste successfully and in an environmentally-friendly way, call us today on 01932 226 337.

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